Personal Service. Proven Results.

Personal Service.

Proven Results.

We serve those in Kennesaw whose lives have been disrupted by personal injury and wrongful death.

Cases We Handle

We’re advocates for people who are dealing with a personal injury in Kennesaw.

Lawsuits are never the goal; they are simply a tool to use if necessary. If it’s in your best interest, we may resolve your case without filing a lawsuit. We educate and advise each client personally and work together for the best solution. We don’t believe in cookie cutter approaches here.

Why Choose Us

Personal experience with personal injury in Kennesaw

We know what it’s like to have a personal injury or see a family member recovering from one. Watson Injury Law Attorney, Matthew Watson, was severely injured in a life-changing car crash. He’s lived with intense physical and emotional struggles, and we’ve walked with him through it all. Our collective personal experience allows us a deeper understanding of what you and your loved ones are going through.

Getting better is hard enough. Your one job is to get better. We do everything else.

Matthew Watson

What to expect

We have genuine concern for our clients’ wellbeing

Our team picks up the phone when you call. Our clients are comforted by our authenticity. We are regular people who value clear and open communication. We recognize that the attorney-client relationship is most successful when it’s built on a foundation of genuine human connection.