Product Liability

Putting your trust into a product only to have it injure you or a loved one is extremely frustrating. You can hold the manufacturer accountable though with the help of a product liability lawyer.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed because of a defective product or manufacturer negligence, make sure you have an experienced lawyer in your corner fighting for your rights. Product liability cases can provide you with the compensation you need to cover medical expenses, emotional trauma and loss of wages.
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Breaking down product liability

In its broadest sense, product liability occurs when a manufacturer or business produces or sells a faulty product. A product can be faulty if:

  • It’s defective.
  • It doesn’t have adequate warnings included with it or they’re hard to find.
  • Negligent manufacturing practices occurred at any point in the creation of the product.

There are three primary types of product liability cases:

  • Negligence is when you can prove a manufacturer knew or should have known they were selling a defective product. You must also prove that the product caused the injuries.
  • Strict liability requires you to only show a defective product caused an injury. This type of case doesn’t bring the manufacturing process into review.
  • Breach of warranty can cover the actual warranty that comes with the product, but also the implied warranty that the product, if used properly, won’t cause injury or harm of any kind.

You must prove you were using the product correctly/as it was intended when bringing forth a product liability case of any kind.


With a product liability case, you may be entitled to damages to cover:

  • All associated medical costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Lost wages
  • Costs to replace or repair any damaged property

What about product recalls?

When an organization like the Consumer Product Safety Commission brings a defect to a manufacturer’s attention, or they figure it out for themselves, that manufacturer may issue a recall.

An injury caused by a recalled product does not automatically make the manufacturer liable, however it can potentially provide evidence to show the product was defective.

You can still file a product liability case even after a recall occurs.

Hold the proper parties accountable

You never have to suffer alone should you sustain injuries or even lose a loved one to a defective product. Let our experienced staff guide you through the process of filing a product liability claim. We’ve successfully managed many liability cases and will fight for your right to compensation. We’re here to help you hold all involved parties accountable for your pain and suffering.

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