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In Memoriam

Jeffrey ‘Jay’ Thomas

A kind, caring friend, known around the office as the ‘watchdog,’ Jay was the business manager in the early days of the firm, and he did whatever was necessary to make sure things ran smoothly. Nothing made him happier than having all columns in his accounting sheet balanced, payroll run and the problem of the week resolved. 

Jay joined the firm in 2012, and gave it the stability it needed so that the attorneys could be attorneys and practice law. His approachable personality and kind heart put those clients that met him immediately at ease. The office peacekeeper, Jay was like a father figure who provided good advice and was always available to help and listen. He was someone to rely on and left an indelible mark on the firm.

Outside the office, Jay was active and well-respected throughout the community. He was very active in the Sons of the American Legion and was a graduate of the Acworth Citizens Police Academy. As a passionate volunteer, Jay attended and helped run numerous events for the Helping One Guy (H.O.G.) organization, which gave back to local families in need.

In his spare time, Jay loved gardening, tinkering and cooking. He was easy to spot wherever he went thanks to his signature Hawaiian shirts. 

Jay wasn’t someone who was ever ready to slow down. He passed away after an evening working in his garden at the age of 63 in May of 2019. He’s survived by his wife, daughter, and multiple grandchildren. 

The imprint he left at work, and in his own community, continue to be a shining reminder of what a dedicated, devoted and caring individual can do.

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