We serve people whose lives have been disrupted due to personal injury and wrongful death.

Our own experience with a life-altering personal injury helps us understand what clients go through every day. When our managing attorney sustained a major injury, it hurt to watch him struggle. Together, we learned how these traumas can change your life forever, and how wellness and financial compensation are important for the best recovery. Below, we share professional advice from our personal injury lawyers to help you navigate these unfamiliar and often overwhelming situations.

What questions should I ask when looking to hire a personal injury attorney?

Please note, we’ve intentionally left videos of our dear friend and former partner, Alan Nicholson, within the site to honor his memory. His words still accurately reflect Georgia law as well as the beliefs and philosophy of the firm.

Automobile insurance

What does the law require in terms of auto insurance?
What happens if I am hit by someone who is uninsured?
Is full coverage enough?
What questions should I ask my insurance agent?

Hiring a personal injury attorney

What questions should I ask when looking to hire a personal injury attorney?

What is the most important part of hiring a personal injury attorney?
Should I look for a firm that does or does not require a retainer?

Are all personal injury attorneys the same or should I be looking for specific credentials?

How to best handle a car wreck

What is the first thing I should do after determining I am not seriously injured?

Should I seek medical attention for minor injuries?

At what point should I call law enforcement?

Car wrecks

Filing a Claim

Can I handle my personal injury case on my own?

How do you go about collecting evidence?

How thorough is the investigation process?

Cases We Handle

Medical Malpractice Cases

Assault and Battery Cases

Slip and Fall Cases

Our goal is to edit the pages of your personal injury story so that you and your family can instead embrace it as your recovery story.

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