Everyday people are hurt by slander and libel.

Even if you’re not famous, you may have a defamation case if someone has made false statements about you or your business. Damaging statements published online, in print, or even just spoken aloud can impact your life negatively.


Communication of a falsehood about someone, living or dead, that blackens the memory of someone who has died or exposes the living to hatred, contempt or ridicule.

Let us see how the law can help you regain your truth.

What kind of defamation did you experience?


Written, public, defamatory communication in print, writing, pictures or signs. (Georgia code 51-5-1)


Oral defamatory communication damaging to your acceptance in society, career or job. Any disparaging words that cause damage. (Georgia code 51-5-4)
If you or your business has suffered from untruthful words, either written or spoken, we may be able to help you.

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