Neck & Back Injuries

No matter how severe, neck pain and back pain disrupt your life.

Neck and back injuries are the most common trauma we see from car wrecks. From whiplash to full paralysis, neck and back injuries can range in severity, treatment length and long-term effects. The pain and limitations associated with an injury of this type disrupts normal life, and treatment can be long and expensive. We know how to get the proper compensation for a neck or back injury, and are experienced in aiding our clients, no matter how severe the injury.

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Someone else’s negligence is often the cause of most neck and back injuries, whether in a car crash, slip and fall, or injuries caused by working conditions that are less safe than they should be. 


Workplace injuries:

  • falls
  • repetitive motion
  • moving or carrying heavy objects
  • frequent bending

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Car crashes:

  • careless driving
  • reckless driver
  • drunk/distracted driver

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Repetitive muscle straining or acute trauma can cause permanent damage to your body. Even seemingly minor injuries can cause lifelong pain, restricting movement and limiting your ability to live an active life. Some specific neck or back injuries include:

  • Whiplash
  • Sprain or Strain
  • Herniated disc
  • Fractured vertebrae
  • Spinal joint pain (facet joints)
  • All levels of paralysis

These injuries can also cause muscle spasms, loss of bowel or bladder control, breathing problems, incoordination, numbness or tingling in your limbs, and balance issues. Your medical treatment will depend on your symptoms and can include activity restrictions, medication, physical therapy, injections, and even surgery.


In a civil court case, like a car wreck or slip and fall, your damage claim will vary depending on the severity of your injury, treatment, and the circumstances surrounding your case. You are legally entitled to recover past and future medical expenses, as well as past and future pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and other general damages.

We know how disruptive a neck or back injury can be for you and your whole family. Healing is often not quick. Because your injury may affect you for the rest of your life, it is critical to get early and appropriate medical treatment so we can prove the extent of your damages.

Your neck or back injury case will consider your medical bills, past and future, lost wages, and past and future pain and suffering. We understand how devastating this type of injury can be and the considerable challenges people face. We will advocate for you to receive the full amount of compensation you deserve.

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