Receiving compensation from the insurance the client didn’t even know she had

You always want to feel confident your insurance company has your back after a car accident, but that’s not always the case; not unless you’re willing to fight.

Insurance companies work for profit, so any time you’re in a car accident, and have to make a claim, you face potential rejection. If your claim is seen as subversive to their bottom line, you may run into roadblocks that make it harder to get the compensation you deserve.

Many insurance companies will employ one or more tactics — they’ll deny, delay or defend their choice to deny or delay until you give up. That shouldn’t happen, but for our client it did. Yet, refusing to accept their denial, and sticking with it, is what got her the compensation she deserved.

Getting compensation from both sides

One afternoon, as our client drove home, a negligent driver pulled out in front of her causing a violent collision. As a result, she suffered debilitating neck pain that included loss of feeling in her arms.

The at-fault driver’s insurance company settled by paying out their policy limits. However, that didn’t cover the full cost of the treatment our client received.

When turning to the client’s insurance provider, to take advantage of her uninsured motorist coverage, claims were denied. Her insurance company stated she didn’t have this type of coverage, that her and her husband had rejected it decades earlier.

Digging into the details

While this claim by the insurance company felt like a pretty hard fact, our client allowed us to dig a little deeper. We conducted copious amounts of research into Georgia Law and uninsured motorist coverage. The goal was to find a way to get our client money, from her own insurance company, to take away the financial responsibility of treating her injuries so she could concentrate on healing.

Fighting the good fight

After a long legal battle, going back and forth with the insurance company, our legal team convinced them to compensate our client. Our research helped us show the insurance company that, if we had to litigate in court, the insurance company would lose.

In the end, Nicholson, Silverbach & Watson was able to get our client $100,000 in damages from her own insurance company, stemming from a portion of her policy she didn’t even know she had. She was able to cover her medical costs and really put this experience past her.

Rejection happens all the time

The average driving American files a collision claim only every three years, which means each time you do it, it’s like starting over. So much can change in three years, and so much of how to go about working with an insurance company can get forgotten. To ensure you’re properly represented, and supported, should you find yourself dealing with injuries and damages from a car accident, you need legal representation.

Unlike the average driver, the attorneys at Watson Injury Law handle car accident claims all the time. We know what insurance companies can try to do to deny your claim, and we know how to fight against it. Let us take the stress off of your ordeal by creating a customized strategy to get you the compensation you deserve.

You focus on healing, we’ll take care of everything else. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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