Matthew Watson


Matthew Watson

Matthew has been surrounded by the law his entire life. His father, also an attorney, served as a judge in Tennessee for most of his career. Matthew frequently spent afternoons at the courthouse after school, subconsciously absorbing the ebb and flow of the legal system.

After graduating from the University of Tennessee as a double philosophy and political science major, Matthew continued his education at the University of Tennessee College of Law while also earning a Master’s degree in Public Administration. He worked in both government-related and legal jobs for a few years before becoming licensed to practice law in Georgia in 2012. He worked for an Atlanta firm until he joined our predecessor firm in 2013. Matthew practiced criminal defense, family and general civil litigation until 2016, when a negligent driver changed his life.

Personal experience drives his passion

The severe rear end collision left Matthew facing multiple surgeries and lifelong physical effects and pain. After the wreck, the law became his passion like it never was before. While he had handled personal injury cases before, he dove back into the books to better understand every minute detail of the legal side of his own situation. He became a zealous advocate for clients and their loved ones who have experienced similar trauma. In large part based on his experience, and everyone in the firm who lived it with him, the firm shifted to focusing exclusively on personal injury law.

Matthew really enjoys working with his clients. In the first meeting, he loves getting to know them and making a genuine human connection. His experience is that people leave that meeting with feelings of trust and solace. Getting to help other people helps him live with what happened in his wreck and with what he lives with to this day. He loves the relief clients get along the way, watching them get better, especially when the legal team has helped that process along.

Find him at the ball field

Matthew is a lifelong baseball fan. He played as a child, but really got into the statistics side of the game as he got older. Now, he cheers on the Braves, plays fantasy baseball, and watches his son fall in love with the game on the field as well. He and his wife, Amber, have three kids and enjoy playing outside, building Legos, and spending days at the ball field.

Matthew is a member of the Bar in Georgia and Tennessee.

I like truly being able to help people who’ve done nothing wrong and whose lives have been turned upside down. Success is putting their life back together and being at peace with it.

Matthew Watson

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