Pedestrian Accidents

Being a pedestrian can come with risk, but your safety still deserves legal protection.

You always hope to stay safe when out walking, but even with the necessary precautions pedestrian accidents can happen. If you’ve been a pedestrian hit by a car, don’t suffer through your injuries alone, make sure you seek legal help with a trusted pedestrian accident law firm.

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What Georgia law says about pedestrian accidents

Georgia law works hard to protect pedestrian safety.

  • It’s illegal for a car to pass a pedestrian when entering into or already in a crosswalk.
  • All vehicles must stop until pedestrians have made it entirely across a crosswalk.
  • Drivers cannot overtake a vehicle already stopped at a crosswalk waiting for a pedestrian to pass.
  • Cars emerging from a driveway, alley or private road must stop prior to driving across the sidewalk or point of intersection with the street to look for pedestrians, who have the right-of-way.
  • Vehicles cannot park on sidewalks unless authorized.

Failure to follow these rules can put the driver at fault if a pedestrian is hit by a car.

To pursue compensation for an accident related to pedestrian safety

  • Carefully document all details related to the incident.
  • Collect information from the driver as well as the police report.
  • Talk to any witnesses.
  • Keep records of all injuries and medical treatments related to the accident.
  • Contact a pedestrian accident law firm.

It’s important you seek medical attention immediately after being involved in a pedestrian accident, and once you’re able, to talk to an attorney about legal action. There is a two-year limit to file a lawsuit related to a pedestrian being struck by a car whether it’s in a crosswalk, a parking lot or elsewhere on the road or sidewalk. 

What we do to help

By looking at the particulars of your pedestrian accident, we are able to build a case to fight for your rights when it comes to proper compensation. Many drivers are quick to assign blame to the pedestrian when this type of accident occurs without understanding how Georgia Law works. Nicholson, Silverbach, and Watson will ensure your rights are protected and attempt to recover fair compensation for your injuries even if that means going head-to-head with the insurance company.

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Contact our team today for a free consultation and let us start working on your case. As a pedestrian accident law firm, our goal is to make it possible for you to focus on your recovery; we’ll handle the rest. You can reach out via email or phone. We’re waiting to help.