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Georgians love that we do things differently.

Clients across the state trust our team to maximize their medical and financial recovery after a personal injury.

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We are here to help you.

We are legal experts.

  • We are exclusively dedicated to helping people with personal injury and wrongful death cases — and 100% focused on this area of law.
  • We stay current on changing laws and industry standards through continuing education in trial advocacy.
  • With thousands of cases successfully resolved and millions of dollars recovered each year, our team knows how to achieve the best results for our clients.

We are accessible.

  • We know you deserve more than one meeting at the beginning of your case. Our team picks up the phone when you call and provides regular updates throughout the process. You are always welcome in our offices, however, we will come to you in person or virtually if that’s easier. We offer the latest technological conveniences to make our meetings a snap. We work with you and do whatever it takes to meet your needs. We meet you on your terms.

We are client-centered.

  • We know from experience that every client, case and injury is different.
  • We focus on your best interests. For some, that means we mediate outside of courts. For others, that means telling your story to a jury. In all cases, our team helps our clients move forward.
  • When your case is resolved, we’re still here to help. We handle all of the details so you can focus on getting your life back.

We understand how difficult this time is.

  • Our clients find support in our compassion. We are regular people who personally know what it’s like to have a personal injury.
  • We will walk side-by-side with you through the entire process, ensuring you get the assistance you deserve. We know how trauma can change your life forever and how important wellness and financial compensation are for your best recovery.

People have entrusted their friends and loved ones to me over the years. That’s a sacred trust. Folks do not do that lightly nor do they do that if they think you’re just like the rest.

Honoring our dear friend and former partner, Alan Nicholson

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We want to connect with you and help you during this challenging time. If it’s more convenient to communicate via email, please reach out to us at info@watsoninjurylaw.com.