Filing a Claim

Your attorney starts here, with you.

If you or a loved one has been hurt or suffered damages in a car wreck of any kind, usually an insurance claim is the path to find resolution. The at-fault driver’s insurance company is usually going to be responsible for paying for your damages, but you must remember that until a lawsuit is filed, anything the insurance company might do is voluntary. Insurance companies are multi-billion dollar corporations whose duty is to make a profit, usually by treating injured victims terribly.

We are here to represent your best interests. We will help you seek the fair result you deserve. That process starts with filing a claim.

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We begin every case by meeting with you to get to know each other and discover what happened to you. We strive to make these meetings easy and educational. We listen to your story so we can start to understand your case. We explain your legal rights, what you are entitled to, and how the claim process works. We also discuss how legal representation works, and what our role is as your attorney.


After you hire our team, our goal is for you to simply have one job—get better. We know recovery from a traumatic accident can be complex, with physical, mental and emotional healing. We encourage you to seek all the treatment you need. While you heal, feel confident that we are taking care of every other aspect of your case. During this stage of the process, we collect information. We investigate all parties involved in your case, the insurance companies, circumstances of the incident, along with any medical issues and your current injuries and symptoms.

Evidence Gathering

During our investigation, we begin to collect the evidence we will need to prove your case. We also continue to gather information to tell your complete story. Photos, videos, witness statements and medical records are some of the types of evidence we collect. Serious injuries can take months and even years to heal, and gathering all of the evidence takes just as long. But we gather all available information because we prepare every case as if we have to file a lawsuit and go to trial one day.


Be assured that we are with you throughout this process. You will not only hear from us at our first meeting and at the end, but continuously. We know firsthand how confusing, emotional and difficult this process is. We will guide you through every step, providing legal guidance, practical advice for navigating a sometimes challenging medical system and support when you have questions about anything that comes up.

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