Alan Nicholson

In Memoriam

Alan Nicholson

Alan was a kind and trustworthy member of the legal community. Beginning his career in insurance defense, Alan began practicing on his own shortly after the new millennium. Wanting to help as many clients as possible, he focused on cases related to auto accidents, malpractice and worker’s compensation. 

The quintessential southern gentlemen, Alan knew how to make everyone feel comfortable in his presence. His kindness, professionalism, and insightful non-sequiturs gave clients confidence in his abilities to help them. Alan always made sure clients felt cared for when they came to him.

The respect Alan earned in the legal community was directly related to the fact that he was always a gentleman, but also a man of the people. He wanted to help everyone who needed it and benefit as many people as he could through his work. He was always a successful advocate, whether simply negotiating a settlement or trying a case to a jury.

A social butterfly, Alan loved throwing lavish Christmas parties at his house. His appreciation for the finer things in life were reflected in his whole persona. His suits were perfect, down to the pocket square and cufflinks, and you’d always find him wearing a blazer, even on a casual day.

Passionate outside of law as well, his love for Georgia football was so intense, he even had a French Bulldog for a pet. When not watching the UGA Bulldogs, or working, you might find Alan taking a moment to relax at his beach house or ocean fishing on his boat.

Alan passed in October of 2021. He’s survived by his loving family.

We’re really good lawyers but we’re also really good folks. We genuinely care. Folks appreciate that their case feels like the only case in the office. It is their only case, and we never lose sight of that.

Alan Nicholson

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