Extremity Injuries

Amputation has lifelong effects.

Injuries to shoulders, arms, and hands, along with those to hips, knees, legs, and feet, can seriously disrupt your ability to live your normal life. Thankfully many of these injuries can be treated successfully and most people make a full recovery. However, the loss or permanent disfigurement of a limb is considered a catastrophic injury, which will have lifelong effects. Even when physical therapy and other treatment is complete, emotional trauma can linger. Personal injury claims for these types of injuries involve medical expenses that can last for life.


Many types of incidents can cause an extremity injury. Common sources in personal injury claims include:

  • Car crashes
  • Dog bites
  • Burns
  • Various types of falls


Common injuries to the arms can severely limit your normal activities, and can include:

  • Broken bones
  • Rotator cuff or Labrum tears of the shoulder
  • Torn ligaments in the elbow
  • Bone and soft tissue injuries to the wrists or hands

Common injuries to the legs can severely limit your mobility, and can include:

  • Broken bones
  • Hip injuries, including bursitis and labral tears
  • Torn ligaments in the knee
  • Bone and soft tissue injuries in the ankle and foot


Sometimes the best medical action to save someone’s life is amputation, or the removal of a limb, finger or toe. Amputations can be caused by the incident itself, or the result of serious infections from the injury.


Permanent damage to bone, skin or muscles can result in disfigurement. Disfigurement is visible with a change in healthy appearance, or it can be invisible, like nerve damage that causes severe pain.

Both amputation and disfigurement cause significant physical and emotional changes. These changes profoundly affect the victim and the victim’s family, usually permanently. Prosthetics and other medical devices are expensive. Treatment is extensive and can include therapy, doctors’ appointments and mental or emotional care.


Many of the most common extremity injuries, while disruptive and painful, have a great chance of a full recovery. Bones heal, and surgeries to repair tears are very successful. However, even if you fully recover, you have suffered many months, if not years, of pain and aggravation, and are entitled to compensation for your suffering.

Amputation and disfigurement cases are involved and lengthy because we seek recovery for a lifetime of medical care and general damages. However, we do whatever it takes to get our clients the result they deserve.

Your extremity injury case can compensate you for past and future medical bills, lost wages, and past and future pain and suffering. We understand how devastating this type of injury can be and the considerable challenges people face. We will advocate for you to receive the full amount of compensation you deserve.

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