What is liability?

Liability may seem like a complicated subject, but the idea of liability is really quite simple.

Liability is your legal responsibility, debt or obligation.

It is what the law holds you accountable for, or what you are responsible for, as a driver, property owner, business owner or manufacturer for example. Notably, you can be held accountable for your actions, but also for your failures to act when you have a responsibility to do so.

You can also hold other people, organizations or businesses liable for their actions and inactions which adversely affect you.

Lawsuits determine liability. The lawsuit can hold all wrongdoers responsible and seek appropriate compensation. If you are held accountable for your actions or inactions, you may be subject to any damages determined in a lawsuit. Those seeking reparation in the lawsuit must prove the wrongdoers’ liability.

When we work with liability, we sort through the many details of the case and gather evidence to determine responsibility. Liability can be nuanced with many parties involved. We investigate each unique situation thoroughly and ensure we are getting to the root of who is liable for what and how that affects our clients.


For example

There are countless circumstances that result in liability cases. Here are some of the situations where legal liability is considered.

Someone fell and was injured on my property. Am I liable?
If someone falls on your property, you are liable under premises liability law. If you’ve been careless maintaining your property or created access to an unsafe environment, your liability is affected.

The person who fell was being careless. Am I still liable?
Maybe. However, if the person’s carelessness contributed to the fall, that would affect the amount of damages available.

The person who fell was not supposed to be on my property. Am I liable?
Maybe not. If the person was someplace where there was a known hazard or restricted access, you may not be liable.

I bought a defective product that caused an injury. Who is liable?
Both the seller and manufacturer may be liable in this case.

My negligent co-worker caused an accident at work. Who is liable?
Both the individual and the employer may be liable in this case.

I was involved in a multi-vehicle car wreck. Who is liable?
Potentially, multiple parties involved in the car crash. Was there a careless driver? Was there a vehicle malfunction? Was that malfunction due to negligence or manufacturing issues? Was the road properly marked?


Each case is different and requires experience to determine the nuances of liability.

Have you been wrongly injured or adversely affected by someone’s actions? We know liability. Our legal team has experience with trip and fall cases. We can evaluate your case and determine your liability.

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