Family receives financial help for father killed in truck wreck

Imagine losing a loved one in a car crash. It happens suddenly and unexpectedly. Now imagine having to process that loss at the same time you’re struggling to get the financial compensation you deserve for your hardship.

It’s a painful and emotional time, one where the right attorney, the kind that truly advocates for you, makes all the difference, especially when the other insurance company is trying to prevent you from getting what you deserve.

Here’s how one such story, involving a truck wreck, and a family’s ultimate loss, worked out, thanks to the support and compassion of a Watson Injury Law attorney.

The severity of truck wrecks

In 2018, there were almost 5,000 large trucks involved in fatal wrecks. An additional 112,000 were involved in car crashes that resulted in injuries. These kinds of wrecks happen more than many of us assume, often with significant consequences.

Common injuries related to truck wrecks can affect every part of the body. This is mostly due to the size of these large trucks. Even crashing into them without driving too fast can cause significant property damage and personal injury. From the crushing and amputation of limbs to neck, head, and brain injuries to internal troubles like nervous system injuries; anything can happen when a car and truck collide.

People in these types of car wreck may even lose their life as a result of their injuries. Some, sadly, die instantly. Some will never live the same life they had before their wreck, struggling with loss of mobility and the ability to work and financially support themselves and their families. It’s devastating, and you deserve the right personalized support from your attorney to get through it.

Losing a loved one in a car wreck

Getting up every day before dawn to commute to work, driving the same route every morning, our client was always careful on his well-worn path. Trucks often entered the highway from on-ramps along his route, so he was always sure to drive wide awake with his headlights on.

Today was different, not for our client and the precautions he always took, but for a trucker. The driver of an 18-wheeler claimed he never saw our client coming and pulled onto the highway with no time for our client to get out of the way. Slamming on his breaks didn’t save him. The car crash was serious, and our client died instantly.

The victim’s family, totally devastated, had a long road of grieving ahead, but then they also had the extra burden of dealing with the trucking company.

Fighting with a dishonest business

The trucking company, responsible for our client’s death, decided to take a less-than-ethical route to resolve the responsibility of the wreck. They tried to blame it all on our client, claiming he should have seen the truck in enough time to have avoided it.

What was the family to do? How can you prove right or wrong in this case? The answer is with the right attorney.

Our team stepped in to advocate for our client since he could no longer do so himself. This meant demonstrating the truck and trailer in the wreck had numerous lights not working and reflectors missing. It wasn’t actually easy to see. It also meant proving our client had his headlights on, and was visible from a great distance, so the trucker couldn’t have missed him, if they were paying attention.

Once the facts were out there, the trucking company had no choice but to admit fault. Our client’s unfortunate death was the result of the truck driver’s inattention and failure to properly make his own vehicle visible.

Eliminating the financial burden

Treating our client’s family like our own, the team at WIL managed to help them get a seven-figure financial recovery. While the family will continue to grieve the loss of their loved one every day, returning some security to them, after losing the regular income he provided, takes at least one concern off their table.

Of course, at WIL, we always hope that negligence won’t pull our loved ones from us, but if something does happen, it’s our job to make sure you don’t have to work alone toward a financial resolution.

For customized support dealing with personal injury or wrongful death, our team works hard to help clients across Georgia reclaim their lives. Let us take some of the burden off your shoulders, and do what’s necessary so you can focus on healing, physically and emotionally. Contact WIL today for a free consultation.

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