The most dangerous intersections in Kennesaw 

Sometimes even the safest driver on the road gets into a car crash. They can be hard to avoid, but knowing where they’re more likely to happen in your area can help you understand where a little extra caution may be needed.

Across Cobb County, there are a collection of intersections that pose higher-than-normal threats when it comes to a car crash. Where are these intersections hiding in Kennesaw? We can tell you.

The Kennesaw car crash count

Luckily, when compared to the entire country, Georgia ranks about in the middle for car crashes. Within the state itself though, Kennesaw ranks in the top five when it comes to the worst drivers. This could be because of the large number of Kennesaw State University students who are driving around the area, but that also means all drivers should be vigilant the closer they get to campus.

In 2020 fatal car crashes across Cobb County totaled 85, the third highest count behind Fulton County and Dekalb County. This number could be impacted by the constant growth the area sees. It’s not necessarily that our drivers are unsafe, but that we have more unsafe drivers due to the size of the county. More people mean busier roads, more traffic and more accidents. Thankfully though, danger doesn’t lurk around every corner.

Where are the most dangerous intersections in Kennesaw?

Kennesaw covers a large part of Cobb County, but there’s no formula for what makes an intersection more dangerous than others. The only common factor is the traffic. The most dangerous intersections in Kennesaw are often spots where a lot of drivers converge at some point during the day, probably in a hurry, and probably not fully paying attention.

In areas like these, it’s more likely a driver will try to rush through a yellow light just as it turns red. They may fail to yield to the right of way or even cause a pedestrian to get hit by a car.

Cobb Place Boulevard and Ernest W Barrett Parkway
Right beside Town Center Mall, this entire area has a reputation for being treacherous for drivers. The combination of proximity to the highway and the high volume of shops and restaurants keep the area constantly congested. Rush hour especially ups the risk factor, but you should always drive through this area with care.

Bells Ferry and Chastain Road (New Chastain Road)
An alternate route when 575 gets backed up, car crashes happen at this intersection when people are in a rush to get to or from work. Drivers in this state are most likely distracted either by the clock or from thinking ahead to what they have to do next. Rushing when you drive is a form of distracted driving, a major cause of car crashes across the country. Distracted driving leads to nine fatalities per day across the country, or about 3,500 per year.

What do I do if I get into a car crash?

Should you find yourself in a car crash at either of these intersections, or anywhere within Kennesaw, the first thing to do is not panic. Wrecks do happen, so assess that you and your passengers are alright first, then call 9-1-1 to report the incident.

If you’re able, and it’s safe, you can exit the car and begin collecting information from the other party involved. You’ll want to get a name, license plate number, insurance provider and contact information. Snap photos of the wreck as well, with close up shots of any and all damage.

Should you need to seek medical attention, do so immediately, documenting all treatment. Hold onto all records and the final police report.

The next step is to consult a car accident lawyer. Consultations are typically free and a specialized lawyer can advise you on your options for compensation for both your injuries and your property damage. They’ll also handle the insurance company, who often tries to offer you less than you deserve in order to settle your claim quickly.

How do I find a car accident lawyer who cares about me?

There are a lot of personal injury lawyers out there who claim to offer personalized service. They also claim to have the best results, but at Nicholson, Silverbach & Watson, we stand behind the positive stories from our clients. We’re here to take the stress out of this process so you can focus on healing with customized care for your specific situation.

For anyone who has suffered from a car crash in Kennesaw, we’re here to partner with you to work toward getting you the most compensation possible. Reach out today to learn more.

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