The most dangerous intersections in Acworth

Even if you pride yourself on your safe driving record, there’s always a chance you’ll find yourself in a car accident. Not all drivers on the road are as safe as you, and sometimes it’s too hard to avoid a car crash.

Knowing where there’s a higher chance of car accidents, though, can help you navigate the roads around your home more safely. This includes understanding where the most dangerous intersections in Acworth really are.

Throughout Cobb County, there are plenty of spots known for holding higher accident averages than others. If you live in Acworth, here are the spots you should keep an eye on.

Car crash statistics in Acworth

Most data regarding car accidents in Acworth point to it being a pretty safe city for drivers. This is especially true when compared with statistics from other Cobb County cities. For example, the total number of fatal car accidents in Acworth in 2021 was two people. Areas like Kennesaw weren’t so lucky.

Most Acworth accidents occur during daylight hours, when the weather is clear, proving that you should never assume a car crash won’t happen.

This is an impressive statistic considering cars drive around 285,320 miles over the roads in Acworth each day. While it is an increase over recent years, the city typically sees only a single fatal car accident annually.

Where you’ll find the most dangerous intersections in Acworth

One of the most common reasons car accidents occur, beside a driver being distracted, is they are in a hurry. There are a few major thoroughfares that run through this city, and Acworth roads that intersect these streets usually include cars zipping along. They’re often high-traffic spots for commuters, also often in a hurry.

For these reasons, it may not be a surprise that these are some of the most dangerous intersections in Acworth.

Hwy 92 and North Main Street

Already a busy road, with many drivers going well above the speed limit, navigating Hwy 92 can be its own challenge. Add traffic turning off to head to the shops and restaurants on North Main Street, and the risk for a car accident goes up. This is especially true the closer the clock ticks toward evening, where commuters are heading home as others head out to dinner. Combined, this creates a busy intersection where you need to keep an eye out.

There are other roads crossing over Hwy 92 where somewhat recent fatal car accidents have occurred as well, such as Ragsdale Road and Maryland Drive. A good rule of thumb is to drive with care all along Hwy 92.

Cobb Parkway in Acworth

Technically not an intersection, but a high-traffic, dangerous area in the city, the few miles of Hwy 41, or Cobb Parkway, that stretch through Acworth sees frequent accidents. This is because there’s so much right off the road, and because it’s a major thoroughfare for commuters moving through Cobb County.

High traffic times can pop up at any time of day, but they primarily hit during the morning and late afternoon, so drive with caution.

Roads crossing over Cobb Parkway, also known as Sr-3 in this area, where accidents have occurred include Acworth Summit Boulevard and Mars Hill Road.

What to do if a car crash occurs

Knowing that navigating these particular spots in Acworth means there’s a chance you’ll find yourself in a car crash, make sure you know what to do.

First, don’t panic. These things happen, and it’s better you use your energy to make sure you, and your passengers, are okay before doing anything else. Once that’s done, call 9-1-1 and report the car accident. Even if you don’t feel that it’s an emergency, a police officer should come out to document the incident.

After that, if the area is safe and you’re okay, exit your vehicle and begin collecting the necessary pieces of information you’ll need from the other party or parties involved. You should get:

  • Names
  • License plate numbers
  • Insurance providers
  • Contact information

It’s also a good idea to take pictures of the wreck as well, focusing on areas where actual damage occurred. Documenting anything and everything related to the accident is a must.

If you need any medical attention following the initial car accident, seek help immediately and keep all records of your related treatment. Make sure to get a copy of the police report for your files too.

Once you’ve done all this, and have a moment to collect yourself, schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer. A specialized lawyer can assess the specifics of your case and provide you with options for compensation for injuries you sustained as well as your property damage. A personal injury lawyer will also be your advocate when it comes to the insurance company. It’s notoriously hard to negotiate with a large insurance agency when compensation is requested, and a trained lawyer knows exactly how to handle them.

Find a personal injury lawyer who cares

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